Wooden Coffee Table Sets: Elements of Class

Wooden Coffee Table Sets: Elements of Class

Ever gazed upon the elegance of a three piece coffee table set? If yes, then you can attest to the simple yet noble and stately accent they radiate in a room. And if you’re one who’s got eyes and appreciates fine things, you will be left in awe and wonder. Yes. That’s exactly the kind of effect these babies have on you.

We’re going to see what styles of wooden table sets are available and how you can further accentuate their grandiose.

Designs and Styles


This design of coffee table sets feature themes of colorful and bright accents. These pieces brighten up a room. It produces wonderful turnaround effects in the most boring and gloomy of rooms.


They feature ornately carved and curvy legs with polished surfaces. They’re usually manufactured using rich wood like mahogany.

Mid-century modern

This refers to the period between the 1950s and 1960s. These pieces can easily be spotted by their simple lines and bent wood.

Decorating Wooden Coffee Table Sets

Most times coffee table sets come in three’s (a main table and two smaller pieces), so this is based on three piece coffee tables.

Organizing them into a V-shape is always a starting point.

  • Not much need be done. A bowl with some apples centered on the main table and two flower vases, one for the two smaller pieces can go a long way in magnifying their elegance.
  • You could also vary the accessories on the smaller pieces. Such accessories could be a mug in a saucer and a candle jar on the other.
  • Metallic decorative balls and ceramic statuettes that can say something of your personality can be placed on the two smaller pieces while having a stack of books arranged diagonally on one side of the the main table can liven things up a bit in your room.
  • Never forget to use your tray. Those things work like magic.
  • A red or pale green tray with your favorite comics on one of the smaller pieces; a flower bouquet or a colorful ball of yarn with knitting pins stuck in them on the other; and four lighted candles at the center of the main table is a glamorous sight.

Wooden coffee table sets are very classy and if you can experiment with any accessory that comes to mind, you’ll marvel at the feel that will be birthed in your room.