Why to use Oakwood for your oak corner TV stand and interesting design ideas?

Why to use Oakwood for your oak corner TV stand and interesting design ideas?

Oak corner TV stand are perfect for a sturdy, long lasting furniture piece in your living room. A wooden corner table is perfect for a raw, rustic and warm look of the TV stand. Oakwood is a type of hardwood which is very preferable and lasts a very long time. There are two natural types of wood i.e. Hardwood and Softwood. Hardwood trees are slow growing trees, and the wood from these are harder, stronger and more expensive. Examples of hard wood are oak, maple, mahogany, birch, cherry etc. Softwood trees are more widely available and are softer in structures. They have interesting patterns and are usually lightweight, and inexpensive due to faster growing trees and more availability. Pine, cedar, cypress, fir, larch etc are commonly used and preferred softwood.

Advantages of Oak wood

Oak wood is hardwood, solid, and furniture made of this type of wood will last a very long time. The wood has a grainy appearance, and looks exquisite in the furniture and can make a great display. Due to high durability oak can be used in sofas, chairs, tables, frames, cabinets, doors etc. It doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and polishing every year will be enough to get rid of stains, scratches etc. Oak takes varnishes and paints well and can be painted well or varnished which gives oak wood a phenomenal look.

Design styles

Corner tables are usually triangular in shape and oak corner TV stand are perfect for your living room corner. Contemporary styles of oak furniture look phenomenal and will be an attention grabbing furniture piece. Drawers, intricate patterns and different wooden styles are the way to go for this kind of furniture style.


Oak corner TV stand takes varnish and colors appear wonderfully. It is available in a wide range of natural color tones, and is available in light to dark tones. You can either choose to paint it a color of your choice, or keep a polished piece of furniture with its natural patterns and characters of its own. Black painted oak wood looks wonderful as well, especially in a matte finish.