Why floor TV stand for 50 inch TV will never go out of fashion

Why floor TV stand for 50 inch TV will never go out of fashion

Floor TV stand are the oldest types of TV stands available as they were used since the invention of televisions. With more improvement in TVs and the invention of flat screen TVs that are lighter in weight and smaller in size, even though their they are available in bigger screen inches that even the old CRT televisions, wall TV stand were invented. A lot of people are now moving to wall TV stands because they are believed to be more stylish and offer more space. Despite this, there are a lot of reasons why many people will still continue to use the floor TV stand. Some of such reasons are explained below.


With floor TV stand, you don’t have to worry so much about their strength, as they are mostly able to support the weight of the Television and other electronics that are kept in them. There are therefore, less cases of floor TV stand for 50 inch Tv collapsing under the weight of the 50 inch TV. The only thing you have to bother about now is heavy things not falling on or hitting the TV stand or the TV on it.

Space for storage

Compared to wall mount TV stand, floor TV stands often have more space to put things. Starting from the fact that you can put your speakers on the top just beside the television, there are always spaces under that will be enough to house your DVD player, decoder, plat station and other electronics as well as movie and games CDs and DVDs.

No need to get different stands

In most cases, people that have a lot of other electronics to use alongside their TV often get a different stand to contain them if they are using a wall mounted TV stand. This is often not the case with floor TV stand as an extra TV stand will not be needed. You will be able to get enough space to safely place those items and in most cases, doors to lock them off from sight.