Where and when to utilize a console table

Where and when to utilize a console table

A lot of individuals sometimes get confused when they come across the term console table. At first, hall or console tables were majorly utilized for decoration or just for the purpose of displaying or storing accessories. There are however, currently many more utilizations for console table. Here are some places and reasons to use a console table.


Console tables have been placed by designers next to a wall that is flat to give balance and interest to the room. Putting a slender small console lamp on the table gives a simple glow to the room absent the coarseness and glare from overhead sources of light. For this reason, console table and hall tables have been commonly used in entry ways and hallways of popular locations. It is important to give any guest coming to your room a good first impression. Having a nice looking console table with decorative lamps or objects can add a comfortable and welcoming touch to your room to make it more beautiful. You can also place personal photos and other decorative items on the console table as well.


The most common materials for creating consoles are glass, metal, painted or stained wood and natural wood. Wood is however, the most commonly used materials. Consoles made from wood normally have fluted like legs as they always look very beautiful under the table. A number of other interesting designs are however, also featured for the legs and the remaining parts of the table. In some instances, console tables are made with 3 legs where there is a single leg in the center of the table at the front, while the back of the table will have 2 legs. The presence of a drawer could be a great place for keeping your car keys, spare keys to room in the house and other small items.

Other uses

Apart from decorating your house, you can use the console table for serving in the your dining room or as a side board. It can also serve as a great bedside table in a guest room or a spare bedroom.