What are the wide TV stands you would to have in your home?

What are the wide TV stands you would to have in your home?

TV stands are primary and the most dominant piece of furniture in the living room. There are dozens of design options available in the market to choose from, and they should reflect your personality and choice of décor. They are centre pieces furniture and need to be well designed and blend in with décor perfectly along with adding its own charm to the room. Whether it is modern, vintage, contemporary, simple, rustic etc, each one of them will reflect your personality well. You can buy them from local furniture stores, IKEA, vintage stores, flea market or even order online for home delivery. Here are a few design ideas of wide TV stands that you will love to have in your home:

White wide TV stand

A low set, white, sleek, wide TV stand is a perfect furniture piece to have in your bedroom. White gives you a lot of ways to experiment with the vase, sculptures, art pieces, candles and other décor accessories. It looks elegant, simple and yet classy. A lot of colors can be added to the table and make it look phenomenal. Any color flat screen will go perfectly well with this, and the entire table look will go with patterned wallpapers, bright colored walls, pastels etc.

Transparent acrylic TV stand

A transparent acrylic wide TV stand would look phenomenal in the living room. Any accessories and decorative pieces would look wonderful with this kind of TV stand. The transparent acrylic TV stand would make the room look spacious. This is a very modern form of design and the TV and its accessories will appear to be floating in air due to its transparency.

Wooden patterned TV stand

A hardwood maple wood TV stand with interesting natural patterned tv stand is perfect to add a lot of depth and character to the living room. The patterns help the table to stand out and be the primary focus of the living room. Not much of decorative items will be required to accentuate the table as the interesting patterns would be enough. A lighter wood with intriguing patterns would look better compared to a darker wood option, and this would look perfect with dark bright walls.