What are the interesting types of wood used in wood tables to have in your home?

What are the interesting types of wood used in wood tables to have in your home?

Wood tables are available for a variety of décor furniture for every room of the house. From living room, to kitchen, to bedrooms and even bathrooms have wood tables used in different dimensions, shapes, and design styles. In the living room it is a center table, corner table, sofa table, console tables all could be made out of wood. In the bedroom, wood can be used in nightstands, side tables, chests, or dressing tables. Hence it is vital to know the types of wood used in wood tables and how to carefully choose the perfect type for your home:

Oak wood

Oak is a type of hardwood commonly used in furniture and most preferred by most households. It is prone to heavy wear and tear and the furniture made of oak wood is guaranteed to last years without much maintenance. It is available in light and red colors and can make furniture look royal and classy. It is prone to external termite attacks and can do well in extreme conditions. However it is a task to move furniture made of oak wood as it is heavy.

Mahogany wood

Mahogany is another hardwood which is available in deep dark colors and is very versatile and popular. It is heavyweight and most traditional design furniture use mahogany and is generally higher on the price range. As hardwood trees take a long time to grow, and are not readily available they are mostly expensive.

Pine wood

Pine is a type of softwood which is affordable and available in light, pale colors. It is not very durable compared to hardwood but is extremely light weight and affordable. It can add a different tone to the household furniture pieces and can be used in small wood tables used for display and decorative purposes. It is commonly used by most furniture manufacturers wanting the light soft color tone in their designs.

Maple wood

Maple is a soft, light tone hardwood which is very durable and heavy weight. Used in designs aiming at lighter tones and is moisture resistant. It can withstand years of wear and tear and is very strong and can be easily coated with paints and colors.