What are some special Periodic table and how to incorporate design ideas in your home?

What are some special Periodic table and how to incorporate design ideas in your home?

Periodic tables or ancient tables are tables belonging to the ancient times. From Greek to Roman to other civilizations, tables with unique characteristics of the olden times are invaluable. Most of the ancient furniture is kept in museums nowadays, but a few design ideas can be incorporated in household decor and furniture styles. Ancient tables are great not only for history buffs but also for people who love a raw, rustic look and old-world charm in your decor. Decors are a great way to communicate your personality and styles without having to say it. Here are a few ancient furniture types and ideas to incorporate in today’s world:

Greek furniture

Tables in the Greek times were primarily used for religious purposes or dining purposes. The tables from this time were usually low set, with ancient chairs or couches known as klinai accompanied with it. The tables were either rectangular with three legs or circular tops with single leg. Periodic tables add a very royal look to the entire decor setting. Adding round tables with sculptures used as legs give a very Greek look. They have exquisite detailing and look extravagant and beautiful.

Roman furniture

Periodic tables from the Roman era were round top, single legged and tall. Some tables also were rectangular and based on the single leg for support. There were two types of tables, each with a specific purpose and use. The table termed abacus is used for kitchen and utilitarian purpose, and to display cutlery and silverware. Mensa is a low, round and single legged table set next to couches and sofas. A round table, similar to Mensa can be set next to couches, sofas and loungers for display and decorative purposes, adds a soft look and looks extraordinary.

Tree bark

An ancient tree bark can be used to make a bold table in the center of the living room. The wood can be polished and sealed with a top coat to give a very nomadic era look. It looks raw and classy to have this center table and can be used for various purposes without the fear of stains or damage.