Ways to have Inexpensive TV Stands

Ways to have Inexpensive TV Stands

We all have TV at our homes. According to an independent survey 96.6% have TV at their home. This has led to increase of demand of TV stands or media console in furniture industry. Almost everybody needs it. They come in different variety of option ranging from modern to traditional look; and from wooden to tempered glass furniture. Beware as of them can even burn your pockets. Yes, rightly we can say that with great design comes the great price of the commodity. Many different resale shops sells these TV stands at cheap rate but here we have bought interesting ideas and ways to have sleek and stylish ones even at cheapest rates. Some of these ideas may be useful as per your décor to create Inexpensive TV Stands –

  1. Increase the essence –

Do you have some old racks used for nothing? Well now it’s time to renovate them. Paint new your old rack or small dresser. Now if you have bottom drawers remove them and if its empty shelf let them be as it is. Use cutter, drilling, cables and add colored bulbs to the end of the drawer such that they are not seen. You must only be able to see their lights. Use different color lights like blue or red and if you want very elite look opt for golden lights. These will create a nice electric look at a very negligible price.

  1. DIY it –

Buy a mount available at any cheap rates. May sure they are strong enough to hold your tv. Now let the fun begin. Accessories the surrounding areas with any DIY ideas you want. Add frames, wall hangings, bird cage or any other accessory you want to wall. You can even have a guitar mount on side, this goes really well for boy’s apartments and you’re Inexpensive TV Stands is ready.

  1. Use other furniture to your rescue –

If you have a fireplace at your home simply mount your flat screen TV over it. Though there are some safety concern with this style but that can be easily managed. Add a shelf or a rack in between both. Shelf will prevent direct transmission of heat to the TV set from fire down thus preventing overheat or damage to TV.