Types of Furniture TV Stand

Types of Furniture TV Stand

There are currently many type of furniture TV stand you can get for your home if you just got a TV for any of your room and you want to get a TV stand for it or if you just feel like changing the previous TV stand you have. There are many types of TV stands you might choose to opt for. Some of the most common amongst them are described below.

Wall TV Stand

Wall TV stands are becoming the most common type of TV stand in recent times. They easily hang on the wall and they also make for neat placement of the television. Virtually every public location including offices, restaurants and banks amongst other use wall TV stand. There are 2 major types of TV stands. There are the TV stand types that comes with an extension of 1 to 2 or more flat surfaces where you can place other electronics and there is the other TV stand type that does not come with these extensions. The one without the extensions are normally used in public location, since they rarely have to connect a decoder or video player to the TV. On the other hand, the TV stand type with extension is more common in homes since the individual will want to place and connect his DVD player, his PS4 or other decoders he needs for his TV. This type of TV stand is great only for flat screen televisions which are also very popular.

Wall TV stand with flat surface

This is a type of TV stand that is nailed or placed to the wall but does not hang the television on the wall. Instead, there is a flat surface on which the television can sit. This was common in public locations before flat screen televisions became popular. It is however, still in use in few public locations and in some houses too.

Cupboard-like TV stand

This type of TV stand is built like a cupboard with a flat surface on top where the TV stands and spaces under the flat surface where other electronics can be kept. In most cases, they come with doors that can be closed. The glass type usually look more luxurious and is preferable to the wooden type, even though the wooden type are also very popular.