Types of coffee table wood

Types of coffee table wood


There are different woods that are used to make the coffee tables. The coffee table wood you choose depends on the space, your budget and the function of the table. A wooden coffee table is more durable compared to other materials like the glass and plastic.

Types of wood that can be used to make coffee table

  1. Fir. This type of wood gives furniture a good finishing and can be used very well with other types of grains. Its texture can be turned to a rustic feeling according to your taste. The wood has a softer side and you can deciding on using it to make the coffee.it is brown in color.
  2. Walnut. This is a beautiful wood that can be used to make a gorgeous coffee table. It is deep brown in color and table made from the wood is a stunning product and highly priced.
  3. Live edge cherry. This is an unfinished wood which is usually the cut offs from the mills. The cherry hard wood is hard to find and it is an expensive wood if you are lucky to find one but it is worth its price. Tables made from the live edge cherry are a bit expensive as the wood itself is hard to find making it have a high price.
  4. White oak. This is a beautiful, strong and heavy hardwood that is red and white in color. White oak is the most used hardwood for residential spaces. The coffee table from this wood are a bit descent and more beautiful.
  5. Reclaimed. These are already used woods that are recycled to make the coffee tables. They give a rustic feeling to residential spaces and they become popular today. The price of the wood depends on size, quality, and the source of the wood as well as its shape.


The above mentioned types of wood are among the many that can be used to make coffee tables. When choosing a coffee table wood it is advisable to put factors such as budget, design, style of the table and the décor of your living room. This will help in making the right decision of the wood to make the best table for your living room.