As TV size has increased, their TV stands too have increased in great proportions. Also advancement in entertainment units like play stations, home theatre equipment have added to the package of television sets. So it has become very important that while purchasing a TV stand, we need to consider the amount of space we would require for all our entertainment units to put together.

Flat screen TVs have started to occupy our homes now and they vary in size from 15 inches to 62 Inches. Home Theatre for your television also comes in varying sizes according to features.  While buying your TV stands you should make sure we have enough space for all these and also have some room to spare so as to cover your future purchases.

There are different types of TV stands available and each features different storage space

Cabinet: This type of TV stands come with the biggest storage space, but they may not include big spaces for your home theatres, so before buying you need to consider this.

Open shelve: Open shelves often contain stands for your home theatres and gaming consoles , it does not close off any portion so you can place all the equipments on the shelves provided or you can put them on either side of your TV itself.

Corner stand: Corner stands usually are used to save space, as its structure is angular it may not contain much space like a cabinet TV stand.

High stand: A high stand type comes with little space but you can plane your home theatre in one of the slabs provided at the bottom.

There are two main materials used in a TV stand, wood and metal. Wooden cabinets provide more closed space while a metal stand can provide you with open slabs.

They not necessarily have to be used to store entertainment units alone, if you have a closed TV stand it can be used to store anything. They can be used as book shelves or even as your wardrobe.

Choosing a TV stand that has a big storage space and also choosing one that goes well with your TV and your room is an important thing!