Tips to Styling a Small Rectangular Coffee Table Like an Expert

Tips to Styling a Small Rectangular Coffee Table Like an Expert

You don’t require a degree from any university in decoration to be able to add style and elegance to a small rectangular coffee table. Just like with other coffee tables, you need patience and persistence to pull it off.

I’ve listed out a few tips to help you start decorating a rectangular coffee table like an expert.

Use a Tray to Organize other Accessories

Trays are necessary when it comes to styling coffee tables. Not only do they help you organize other small items but to move them to the side if you have any need for the space. The items that can be organized are, a stack of your favorite comics, video games, DVDs, books and a portable music player. Move the tray to one side of your table, pile in it your favorite books and add your portable music player to the heap.

Use Decorative Bowls

Some fresh fruits like apples, oranges, strawberries, and bananas can be contained in the bowl and placed at the center of the table with the model of the Statue of Liberty or any other well known landmark to one side of the table and some greenery on the other side will give a tropical effect in your living room. The benefit of this arrangement is that you can easily lean over to pick a fruit from the bowl while watching your favorite show. An upturned bowl with a glass candlejar isn’t a bad idea.

Coffee Table Books

Just like a tray, decorating your table isn’t complete without these books. They serve as good entertainment for your guests. A stack of books that displays your outlook on life is encouraged. You can top it off with other decorating accessories like the model of a car or any luxury item.

Open Magazines

These can encourages reading. Any one walking by the table can take a peak at it and if their interest is aroused they might seat on the sofa and carry on with it.

So many accessories can be used to style a small rectangular coffee table and the total number of possible combinations of these accessories are enormous. Patience and a little bit of imagination is all you need.