Tips to Preserve Your Large White Coffee Table

Tips to Preserve Your Large White Coffee Table

A large white coffee table can be a source of immense joy, elegance, and stunning beauty. But unfortunately due to its delicate lily-white surface, it can be a horrendous sight when it’s neglected for as little as three days. We all know white has lots of enemies: dust, red wine name them.

Fortunately, there are few ways with which a white coffee table can be made to stay that way. White.

Methods of Preventing the Accumulation of Tough Stains

Regularly Wiping Dust Particles

As simple as it may sound, this is by far the best preventive method for tackling dust build ups. If dust is allowed to stay on a white coffee table surface for long periods of time it becomes an eyesore. Wiping your table once every two days might seem like much, but it’s the best for your white coffee table.

Red Wine and Color Stains

These can be tackled by applying acetone on the affected spot for a minute or two and wiping it off afterwards.


The following procedures should help you keep your white wooden coffee table shiny and glossy.

You’ll need olive oil, which will serve as the polish; vinegar or lemon juice that’ll function as disinfectants; and soft microfiber towels.

  • Start off by clearing the surface of your table of any accessories and items
  • With the microfiber cloth, clean the surface of the table to rid it of dust particles
  • To the vinegar or lemon juice, add a few drops of olive oil.
  • Soak a microfiber cloth in the mixture and evenly swipe it over the surface of the table.
  • With another cloth, wipe off excess mixture. Keep at it for a while until a polished and shiny surface is obtained.

You can also apply furniture polish. But limit its use to a few times every year because, frequent polishing results in a slippery table surface. This is also an excellent method in making less obvious the scratches on the surface of your large white table.

When working with furniture polish, be cautious and don’t inhale the fumes. Don’t expose yourself to any of it potentially harmful contents.

Large white wooden tables require a lot if attention if they are to stay white, shiny and polished.