Tips on Choosing the Ideal Coffee Table Base

Tips on Choosing the Ideal Coffee Table Base

Picking a coffee table base can be tricky enough with the vast selection that is available and it can be a lot harder doing so when you’re dealing with different tabletops. Because of their varying weight and features, extra contemplation is required when picking the most appropriate table base for your tabletop. It’s important to think about the size, height, weight and function of your table, and figure what is really appropriate for your coffee table base and the following are some tips to help you in deciding.

  1. Table Base Material & Style

When picking a table base for your table top, you should also consider the style of your table base. It is really important to match things up and not confuse different styles into one final style without the coordination being seen. Also, you should pair up the style with the materials that you use for the both. For example, you like a rustic furniture theme and you already have a wooden tabletop, then it is wise to choose something that would match it, like some metal or cast iron that has a rustic finish.

  1. Proportions

The obvious first question you should answer is “What is the size of your tabletop and how thick is it?” As always, the bigger the size of your tabletop, the bigger table base you will have to choose. Most of the table bases can hold very heavy tabletops (e.g. cast iron and steel tubing); it wouldn’t be too easy to crush a table base if the tabletop is not that heavy. However, the real concern is the steadiness of your table base; a heavy tabletop with a light weight table base can be a big trouble and can cause your table to tumble over or worse, break.

  1. The Number of Columns

Depending on your furniture’s use, number of columns varies in different coffee tables. If your furniture’s use is only for a few tea and book chill-out, it is fine to have a single column. But if you need it for storage and heavier stuff, it is advisable to have 3 or more columns.

  1. Stature

As much as you want to have a taller coffee table, it is not advisable to do so. As you raise the tabletop you are also raising the center of gravity, and because of this it will require more alleviation; if you don’t then your table might just be a disaster. If you really want taller tables, then the convertible or adjustable height coffee tables might be the one for you.

But remember, all the tips involved here are only general. It is still up to you what you think is really suitable for you and your furniture. Just be sure to choose the ones that are sturdy and can last longer for many uses.