Tips for selecting office desk chairs

Tips for selecting office desk chairs

The huge variety of desk chairs available in the market come with different options, sizes, adjustment and colors amongst others. This can easily get you confused when you want to get one, as you will be wondering which will be best for your office space or for your home. You should be able to get adequate support from your chair all through the period you are sitting down, without having undue discomforts. Apart from immediately affecting your productivity, this can lead to serious health issues in the future. Here are some tips towards selecting desk chairs for your office.

Know the desk chair type you need

There are many types of desk chairs available. You should read up on them and decide on the type of desk chair that you will want to use. Some types you might want to consider include wood, mid back and ergonomic amongst others. If a large percentage of your day is spent sitting down on a chair, then you should go for a chair whose back is very high. This will provide support from your back and significantly reduce strain on your upper back and neck and the pain that could come from always having such strain. If you only sit down for a short while however, then standard chairs or those with just mid back height will still be okay for you.


Once you are sure of the type of chair you will want to get, the next thing to consider is particular features you love in a chair. You might want to go for a chair that has glides or casters, so you can efficiently and quickly move without necessary having to stand up. You might also want a chair with extended heights if the type of desk you use for working is higher than most chairs. Desk chairs with extended height is common amongst painters, artists and architect. You should also consider chairs with arm rest and those that the fabric or leather it is made from is comfortable and easy to maintain.

Fitting under your desk

Getting a chair that can fit under your desk is also important. You should know the height of your desk and the space underneath it. You should subsequently buy a chair that can comfortably go under your desk.