The Pros and Cons of Contemporary Glass Coffee Tables

The Pros and Cons of Contemporary Glass Coffee Tables

Contemporary Glass Coffee Table

We spend most of our leisure times with our family and friends in our living rooms. For this reason, a nice, classy contemporary glass coffee table would be aesthetically appealing. They also have a way of unifying the space in an around a living. A living room appears to have more space when a contemporary glass coffee table is in place especially when the glass of the table is transparent.

Contemporary glass coffee tables are usually made according to a customer’s specifications which usually reflects their personalities.


  • A transparent contemporary glass table makes the actual appearance of a room appear bigger. This usually stems from the fact that a glass coffee table creates an illusion of space in the minds of occupants of the room.
  • These glass tables are easy to clean with a microfiber cloth and glass cleaner. As long as it’s done on a regular basis, cleaning a glass table will continue to remain easy and stress-free.
  • These tables have varying styles which include metals like iron and nickel for bases. An elegant example is the Lucite glass coffee tables.
  • A contemporary glass coffee table is an epitome of elegance and can easily match the theme in your living room.
  • If intricately decorated and attention paid to detail, a glass coffee table will produce breathtaking reactions from your guests.
  • If the glass is tempered it can stand the test of time.
  • If a tempered glass breaks, it breaks up into pieces with round edges as opposed to an untempered glass which breaks into tiny sharp and jagged edges
  • They make their owners appear rich and the rooms they occupy have similar appearances to classy mansions and castles of the past.


Despite the listed advantages, these tables have their downsides.

  • A chipped glass edge can be a source of alarm if you have kids at home. Most times these edges can’t be salvaged.
  • It’s impossible to repair a contemporary glass coffee table once it breaks or gets damaged.
  • They break easily if the glass is untempered.
  • They are relatively expensive.