Technological touch on coffee table

There are many types of coffee tables, but can you imagine how cool a coffee table would be, fully equipped with technological advances? Can you imagine a coffee table with a small refrigerator in its base, that allows you to have cold drinks? Have you thought of a coffee table where you can charge your laptop, smart phone or tablet? Or better yet, would you like a set of Bluetooth speakers integrated into your smart coffee table? Do you think it is far away? The truth is that there are already manufacturers working on ideas like these and are announcing launches in the market by the end of this year 2017.

The future is reaching us.

A well-known furniture manufacturer, together with another technological company, have developed a prototype of what they are calling a “smart round storage coffee table”, named for the rounded shape of the top which is tempered glass, as are many modern coffee tables, but with the feature that has a touch screen interface under glass. This smart desk has a small refrigerator in its base, a small drawer to store small or medium things, such as the controls of the TV and cable decoder, phone chargers or the modem; It also has Bluetooth speakers, charging ports, electrical outlets, and even LED lighting.

With the touch screen, you can control all the functions of the “smart round storage coffee table” such as Bluetooth, audio, lights, temperature of the refrigerator itself can even connect to your smart TV via Bluetooth.

The truth is that technological advances surprise us day by day, even in things less thought, as is the coffee table in the living room of your house.

What will be its price?

Obviously, the price of these first “smart round storage coffee table” that will go to the market the next fall will be very high, there is talk of about one thousand five hundred American dollars, but we all know that shortly after the launch, with the popularization of the products lower their price, so most likely for 2018, you can buy a smart round storage coffee table for less than a thousand US dollars and probably financed.