The Dining Table, Furniture Suitable for the Family

The Dining Table, Furniture Suitable for the Family

The shape.

There are five common forms of a dining table: square, rectangular, round, oval and extensible. Let’s analyze the most important of each one of them:

Rectangular table: It is possibly the most common dining table of all. Everyone usually chooses for a rectangular table. It is more spacious and comfortable than other tables, and leaves enough space for all diners. A good choice, always.

Square table: Optimal for smaller spaces, or for more intimate spaces. An interesting option when you do not usually have guests at the table, but you want to have adequate space for meals.

Round table: It is an ideal table furniture to speak, to have conversations more of “face to face” and to be able to speak without disturbing to some or others. The perfect measurement for this type of table is from the 50 inches of diameter. Smaller is uncomfortable to be able to be more than 4 people.

Oval table: They are tables that do not give too much in conventional houses. They are usually large tables, designed for large spaces and therefore not everyone can afford to put one at home. It is an ideal table for a minimum of 6 diners.

Extending table: It is the “ace” stored in the sleeve of any decorator or host. You do not have to have a huge dining table in your day to day, if in the end you will use little. For that, they have invented the extensible tables, which make the life easier to any host. The only thing you should keep in mind is that once the extendable dining table is open, leave enough space for everyone; If it is not so, unfortunately, all the efforts discussed above will have been of no avail.

Integrate the table into the dining room.

The dining table is a decorative element with a tremendous visual force, which is why we must delimit the area of ​​the dining room table furniture using the appropriate tools such as rugs, paintings or lamps. Also, when it comes to sitting down to eat, we must create a cozy atmosphere, and not give the feeling that we are eating in the middle of nowhere.

Integrate properly the space of the dining table, if you do not, all the decoration will be confusing, and you will not end up being “at ease” in your own home, and worst, your guests either.