Some Eccentric or Funky Coffee Tables Designs

Some Eccentric or Funky Coffee Tables Designs

Coffee tables are handy furniture pieces that supports books, flower bases and buckets, magazines, statuettes, figurines, models and other coffee table accessories. They are usually at the focal point in a living room. A very catchy coffee table attracts attention to itself and can oftentimes inspire conversations between its owners and their friends and guests.

These days it’s hard to find a coffee table that suits one’s taste because of the vast number of designs that are on sale. However, Funky Coffee Tables are perfect for anyone looking to exhibit their eccentric and quirky sides.

Funky Coffee Tables otherwise called Eccentric Coffee Tables are so remarkably designed that they garner jaw dropping expressions from their admirers.

There are numerous designs of Funky Coffee Tables , among these are:

Spiraling Contemporary Tables

It’s fascinating shape mimics the Reverence Coffee Table. It is made from a singles piece of material and is available in a number of bright colors.

Chainlink Coffee Tables

The handiwork of Arik Levy, which gives an impression of an accessible cage in your living room. This design isn’t for everyone as it may not seem homey to some people.

Choked Coffee Tables

One of the Sirio Tables by DZstudio, it makes your home look fresh and funky. These tables have also been made with matching stools to follow. It features a “restraining circle” that gives the impression of being choked as its name so boldly states.

Cracked Coffee Tables

Particularly the Grand Canyon Table. Amelia Robin says “The perfect balance of material integration, detail and the subtle reference to nature are wrapped up exquisitely in the Grand Canyon Table”. This is modeled after the impressive topographical feature where the smooth layer of the surface of the Earth is marred by an extensive chasm.

Game Centered Coffee Tables

This type of design pays homage to video games which have grown in popularity over the years. This table offers sophistication and can be appreciated by all who enjoy the fine art of gaming.

These are just a few among the myriad of designs available on Eccentric or Funky Coffee Tables. There’s always a Funky Coffee Table for everyone with a quirky side.