Shapes in long coffee table

Shapes in long coffee table

Size of long coffee table

Coffee table is usually found in everyone’s house. It is used for different purposes and the purpose of using it is different at everyone’s place. When the living room is big enough, it is preferred that the long coffee table is purchased. The reason is that it suits with the area. If a large living room has very small coffee table, then it will never suit. Moreover, guest would not be able to take the servings comfortably. So keeping all these things in mind a coffee table is purchased.


Usually, the size of the coffee table is 24 inches but the large coffee table is 48 inches which is double the normal size. It proves to be good option in large space and allows each and every person sitting to reach the coffee table easily. The long coffee table is available in different shapes. The rectangular shape is the most popular one. They are long enough to be placed in front of the sofa. Another type of coffee table shape is round one. The round shape is best suited when the sofas are arranged in the round manner. It is best suited when you are willing to play game like cards.

Another shape is the square one which is best suited when the seating arrangement is in square manner. The square tables prove to be beneficial where sofas are not much lengthy. Oval shape is similar to round table but it suits when the sofa is longer. The trunk coffee tables are available which usually come in rectangle shape. They have a lidded top which makes it look like the traditional suitcase trunk. The lid can be opened and used to store your items.


There are different materials which can be used in the long coffee table. The best material which you can use is wood and metal. They are the materials which last for long time ad can easily match with the surrounding. The top of the table should be glass. The combination of glass with metal or wood is perfect in terms of looks, budget and maintenance.