Quality and Affordable Solid Wood Computer Desk

Quality and Affordable Solid Wood Computer Desk

For most startups or those setting up a home office cost remains a major concern. It is therefore advisable to start from a solid wood computer desk. This is because these desks are relatively cheaper compared to other desks such as the glass desks. It comprises of wood pieces that are glued together.

Types of wood used in desk making

In addition to a computer desk being strong it must also be attractive and in a way complementing your office. With this in mind use of several types of woods can guarantee exquisite solid wood computer desks. The cherry wood is also sturdy on one hand while on the other it is limited on the choice of finishes to use owing to the dark nature of the wood. This wood is also very expensive unlike other types and in addition it is very difficult to maintain it because it easily shows scratches and wears. Solid oak wood is another type that’s also sturdy but unlike cherry wood it is durable. A wide variety of finishes can be used with it as well as colors. This wood may be relatively expensive but assures longevity. The popularly chosen maple wood is preferred because it’s a cheaper alternative. It is light in color and easy to maintain. Just like the solid oak, it can serve you for a longtime.

Desk ideas

For some though, purchasing a computer desk may prove to be expensive. This shouldn’t however deter you because you can modify some furniture to get a solid wood computer desk. An old table can be modified by creating cable ports, a keyboard tray and a few drawers and serve as a comfortable computer desk. The television dinner tray is another idea you can work with in your home office. It is very mobile and is great when using a laptop.


Before settling on the solid wood computer desk to purchase it is important to consider a few factors. Some of these are affordability, durability because the last thing you want are breakages that may prove costly in the end, and  how mobile your desk is because for most people the office set up isn’t permanent thus it’s easier to rearrange if need arises.