Modern Wooden Coffee Table as Part of a Nordic Decor

Modern Wooden Coffee Table as Part of a Nordic Decor

Modern Wooden Coffee Table

The use of white or light gray on the walls, and light wood furniture and simple and light forms gives way to spacious and warm, a particularity of the Nordic style. By combining these elements with the industrial style, it can create spaces with texture and contrast, to include cold materials and rustic essence, such as brick and metal exposed.

The Nordic environments are the ideal setting to add touches of gray and black, typical of the industrial decoration, and that may be present in the structure of furniture. You can use metal details such as exposed pipes, aluminum lamps or aged wrought iron chairs to give the house an informal character.

A house between Nordic and industrial.

To dose a room with both styles, it is recommended to dress the main wall with exposed brick painted in white, in line with the rest of the walls of the room. You can use a upholstered sofa with linen or light gray cotton, accompanied by one side of a black metal tripod lamp. In the center, a modern maple wood coffee table is placed, although pine can also be used, with a light wrought iron base painted black.

In the dining room, it opts for a table with wooden board and a gray iron stand in the shape of trestles (triangular), complemented with Eiffel chairs, with chromed steel legs to create contrast. They can also be combined with metal pieces of different models, to give dynamism to the proposal. If it is the kitchen, a wall with slate paint intervenes, to give life to an area where to write down the chores of the day, and incorporates wooden shelves with support of water pipes to condition the utensils.

The coffee table as the axis of the decoration of the living room.

Let’s go back to the theme of the wooden coffee table, why is the maple recommended? The extracted and worked wood of the maple tree, has two drying processes, or rather, two speeds, a fast one that allows the wood to keep its yellowish tone clear and another slow. This last process grow dark the wood, giving a tone more like cedar or oak. In our proposal, which combines the Nordic and industrial style, we recommend the modern maple wood coffee table, treated with the fast drying method.