Globalization, large corporations and technological advances are gradually influencing new trends in office design and furniture.

Offices open to employees, almost without distinction of hierarchy, with semi-private areas designed to maintain confidentiality, are included in the new designs.

How the new technologies will influence the designs of the offices.

The rapid evolution of communications over the internet and in real time is gradually leaving the e-mail in disuse. Instant text messaging and videoconferencing are the new trends in telecommunications. Thus, a president of a transnational company can participate in a meeting of a California branch, being in his headquarters in New York, thousands of miles away, without having to take a plane.

This has resulted in the designs of office desks, too, have evolved. Now, the executive or employee, needs space on his desk for ever larger screens, ergonomic keyboards, and because in the near future, space for the virtual reality helmet, in addition to the traditional spaces needed for the leaves of Paper, as well as for the office articles of personal use of each worker.

Some strategists think that virtual reality technology will allow videoconferencing with virtual whiteboards, and even with the possibility of simultaneous translation, between physically separated employees and executives.

As the office desk, will adapt to this new reality.

In the first quarter of 2017, Microsoft, in conjunction with Steelcase, presented its new “creative spaces” to use the new Surface Book, Surface Pro and Surface Studio products, seeking to counter Apple’s presence in the global market.

So, they designed “Focus Studio” and “Duo Studio”, among others. Spaces and furniture that allows creative employees to work individually or in pairs, facilitating the exchange of ideas while providing the possibility to work comfortably on their Surface products.

These “creative spaces” are semi-private offices, relatively small for the work of a maximum of 2 people, with an ergonomic office desk that adapts to Microsoft products, a digital whiteboard and two ergonomic chairs, all adaptable to the height of the creative ones standing as well as sitting or Semi seated. It also allows the flow of traffic between creative workers, without interruptions or stumbling.