Materials That Would Look Great With Your DIY Display Coffee Table

Materials That Would Look Great With Your DIY Display Coffee Table

DIY display coffee tables are a great way to express your creativity and your personality. Plus, it saves you a whole lot of your money and clears a lot of your storage room. That’s why lots of people are having their own display coffee tables made. Are you planning on making your own too? Well here are some materials that would look great with your DIY display coffee table to help you out.


Of course, display coffee tables wouldn’t be display coffee tables if you couldn’t see any display in it. This is why it’s best if you choose those that have a transparency that clearly exhibits what you want to be put in there. An example of this tabletop material is the acrylic glass (also known as Plexiglas, Acrylite, Lucite and Perspex). Acrylic glass is a transparent thermoplastic usually used in sheet structure as a shatter-resistant alternative to glass so it has less possibility to be easily destroyed although if you want to stick with the traditional glass, then you are welcome to.


When choosing your base, motif is very important. Say, you want a rustic room or a contemporary one, then you should pick bases that would look exactly like it. For example, you want an industrial-themed one; you should pick weathered wood, stainless steel, and concrete bases. What I’m trying to say is, work with something that you think is really appealing and would catch the attention of a lot of people—maybe fetch you some compliments.


It’s your own design—be creative! This is the part that would mostly define you. What people would usually display are the things they love, so it is also fitting for you to choose a design that you are absolutely head over heels for. Can’t stop thinking about that hiking trip at Cape Town you went to? Then display different types of rocks in little squares! This way you get to see it every day and get reminded of that wonderful day over and over again. It is also advisable to place plant succulents and terrariums to give that display table of yours a wonderful revitalizing vibe.