Make Your Round Coffee Table The Focus Of The Eyes

Make Your Round Coffee Table The Focus Of The Eyes

Undoubtedly, the coffee table has become a protagonist piece in the living room, because it functions as axis for all elements and serves as support.

Rectangular tables are the most common, but nowadays it is possible to find tables that stand out for their striking shapes, whether hexagonal, oval, amorphous, and our round coffee table, which impress dynamism in the social area.

When should we choose a round coffee table?

If the room is large, choose a rectangular coffee table at least half the length of the sofa, or a cubic twin tables, or two pieces of different heights, to be the point of the glances. In small environments, circular or oval coffee tables (30 to 35 inches in diameter) are suitable for traffic. In addition, for the circulation to be fluid, place it at least 18 inches from the surrounding furniture.

Another interesting fact is that the round coffee tables give movements to the rest of furniture, which usually, are straight and hard lines.

Furniture for a small room.

As we said, if the environment is small, the ideal is to place a round table that allows better circulation. If the space measures seventy five square feet or less, consider having: a 2 or 3 seat sofa, a puff or bench, a 35-inch diameter round coffee table, a circular side table (maximum 20 inches’ diameter), and a rectangular rug.

Round coffee table material.

The material of the chosen round coffee table can be with a base of light tone wood or silver color metal, depending on the style of the furniture and preferably with glass top, these little tricks will make that the small living room of your house is seen wider and brighter.

Finally, so that the round coffee table finishes becoming the center of attraction of the eyes, do not forget to decorate it, for example, with a small round woven cloth and a vase, not very high, or a small sculpture, so that it does not obstruct the looks of the people who are enjoying that cozy atmosphere.