Make your Outdoors functional with Outdoor Console Tables

Make your Outdoors functional with Outdoor Console Tables

Outdoor seating area like a patio or deck can be made functional with an outdoor console table of metal, teak or any other material. A beautifully crafted console can make an area beautiful and attractive. Consoles that are crafted by artisans only improve in looks the closer you get.

Cherry Wood Console to enhance your Patio

The cherry wood console is made with a frame that is carved by hand to display intricate details. You can provide an attractive entrance to your guests by placing this beautiful piece in the entry way. The drawer can provide storage spaces. The tabletop and the lower shelf can be used to place a porcelain vase and a lamp.

The wood used in the making of the console is poplar, walnut, cherry and inlays of maple veneer. The finish of the console is in plantation cherry. Skill and artistic detail have gone into every piece of the console.

Rectangular Console Table for the Outdoors

Outdoor console table costs around $400 and is rectangular in shape with a lifetime warranty. It is eco-friendly and can be used in all weather. This console is rustically designed for the outdoors with classic wood finish. It is treated for rust and the wet weather. It is made from pine that is natural pressure treated.

It is built dependable for outdoor use. You can have your pick of colours from the wide collection that is available in wood colours.  You can use it for your deck or your patio. It is built for commercial uses.

Advantages of Outdoor Consoles

When you add a picnic table and chairs in your garden, you create an inviting place for you and your guests to relax in the summer. You can relax here after work and even have your dinner. On weekends you can enjoy a barbeque with your family and friends.

When you have consoles which are all weather proof they are handy for storage. Consoles can be used to place the grill and lock it when you go indoors. This makes it convenient not to take trouble carrying things around. Children also get a chance to enjoy the outdoors.

Outdoor console tables make the outdoors functional and inviting.