Make your living room unique with aArt Deco coffee table

Make your living room unique with aArt Deco coffee table

A living space should provide that great sensation of relaxation, calmness and provide only positive energies so that you can take a most needed rest after a long and challenging day. Such a space would be incomplete without aArt Deco coffee table. This piece brings elegance and quality to your dining area so that you can spend in it precious moments with your close ones.

Neutral colors sprayed with vivid nuances

The Art Deco style is characterized by neutral  and irradiant colored backgrounds, on which you can notice contrasting colors. For instance, designers who are fond of this Art Deco style have the tendency to use materials which have a neutral color at the base and which are printed with strong colors.

The main weak color tones play the role of backgrounds for the strong color tones. The Art Deco coffee table is that one particular element which should not miss from a proper living room furnishing.

Roundness is the idea

Designers who are faithful to this designing style, are most of the time combining vertical lines geometrical shapes with round borders. This is a main feature of another decorating style, called Art Nouveau. Like all the elements made in this design, also coffee tables follow the same path. Light colored backgrounds, with detailed patterns that display vivid color tones. This contrast is exactly what makes this furniture piece such a special decorating option.

Travel back in time with these Art Deco elements

Art Deco is characterized by luxurious and elegant textures, such as silk, satin, velvet and leather. Coffee tables pertaining to this decorating style usually come with a simple design, that is perfectly completed with a various decorations coming from the Orient or Egypt.

The most common Art Deco coffee tablecomes with a simple and unpressured design, which puts a splash of color with its luxurious colored decorations.  These show statues and female nudes, porcelain objects and other ornaments inspired from older or exotic styles. Artistic round shapes, geometrical figures in zigzag are the essence.