Make your Apartment Comfortable with Small Dining Table set for four

Make your Apartment Comfortable with Small Dining Table set for four

When the apartment is small a small dining table set for four is an ideal solution which can be used for enjoying the meals as well as entertaining when friends come over. Children can also use the table for doing their homework or building puzzles.

Five Piece Dining Table Set for Four

It consists of a beautiful square table and four chairs made of rubberwood that can last for many years. It is built in contemporary style with cherry wood finish which complements many home décor. It is all wood construction of regular height.

The chairs have solid rubberwood seat and frame with backrest of plywood. The seat and backrest are well padded and upholstered in polyester. The set comes with one year warranty. The dining set can be used to play card games when the family meets. The mother can sit on the table to work on her laptop.

The Advantage of Space Saving Furniture

Today with cost of apartments skyrocketing people are forced to live in small apartments in the city. They have to buy furniture that makes the small space comfortable besides providing enough floor space.  A small dining table set for four with a round table can meet all the needs. The table is ideal for sitting for all the meals besides when nobody is sitting at the table the chairs can be pushed inside leaving place for people to move around.

The table is also convenient for children to sit and attend to all their schoolwork or work on the computer.

Get a round table of Sheesham Wood for Dining

A round small dining table set for four in rich honey can enhance the look of the dining room. The rich honey colour can match any décor. The table is made of sheesham wood with a marble top and is sturdy and stable. The chairs are made of sheesham frame with well-padded seat and backrest upholstered in PU leather.

Since the table is round a friend or two can be accommodated when they drop by for dinner without making it uncomfortable.

If you want to get a small dining table set for four better choose a round one which will occupy less space.