Living Room Coffee Tables

Living Room Coffee Tables

Coffee Table

A classic element of the house furniture, is the living room coffee table, which, together with the armchairs, sofas, puff, lamps and end table set, are part of the conventional decoration of the living room in home.

In the cases of minimalist decorations, the coffee tables are one of the elements that are sacrificed in function of the available space, but in general continue being used in a traditional way.

Shapes and sizes.

The living room coffee tables can have several shapes, from the classic rectangular to the abstract geometries with irregular contours, through the square, circular and oval. There are also asymmetric geometric combinations, for example, rectangles with triangles or circles with ovals in a set with the tops’ heights.

Talking about the height of the coffee table, they are usually low (15 to 20 inches), although that depends on whether they are only with a top, or combinations of tops or if it has a lower storage area.

On the other hand, the coffee tables can be large or small, a decision that is taken more depending on the area of ​​the living room than the functionality of the table.


The living room coffee tables are constructed from several materials, both in the bases and in the tops, and are often combinations of materials, for example, metal base with glass, wood or plastic top, or wooden base with glass or plastic top, or plastic base with glass or wood top, are some of the ones used.

In general terms, the bases are made of metal, mainly aluminum or steel; wood, the most used are cedar, oak, mahogany, pine, maple, bamboo or wicker; or plastic. While the most used materials in tops are glass and wood, although to a lesser extent use there are metal or plastic.

Frequently, the living room coffee tables hace tops made with combinations of materials, for example, wood with glass, metal with glass or metal with wood, this in addition to having an aesthetic value, in the case of the combinations with glass they give greater security. The strongest materials such as metal and wood protect the weakest and easy to break as is the glass.