Ideas for Styling a Large Round Coffee Table

Ideas for Styling a Large Round Coffee Table

Recently I was asked by a regular reader how a large round coffee table could be made stylish and it got me thinking, thinking about how there isn’t much difference between a conventional sized round coffee table and a large round coffee table. The only difference is that there is more room and space to work with on a large round coffee table and that’s what we will capitalize on. The space.

Idea 1

Step 1: Start of with a Basin instead of a Tray

While this is totally impractical on a normal sized table, it’s effect on a large table is priceless. I won’t advise you to use a basin on a medium sized round table; it is so out of proportion.

Step 2: Include Some Greenery

Place enough plants or herbs in the basin enough to occupy the all the space in the basin. Even better if it spills over onto the table.

Step 3:  Use Some Flowers

A large bouquet of flowers allowed to stand in a large vase, huddled up against the basin effects an elegant feel in a home, most especially patios.

Idea 2

Step 1: A flower bucket or two

A galvanized steel bucket containing peruvian lilies or any other flower or bouquet of flowers that deem fit to you should be made to sit on one side of the table.

Step 2: Simply Simple

A stack of coffee table books can be placed beside the flower buckets with a ceramic tea jug to top it off.

The following ideas could also be applied too

  • If the round coffee table has an exposed storage and made of glass, something catchy like a really cool model of a super car or your favorite car can be placed on a magazine in the exposed storage.
  • What better way to take advantage of the extra space than to telling a whole lot about yourself and your personality. Use, statuettes, figurines of animals, your favorite comic characters, and famous landscapes to achieve this.

Keep experimenting with the accessories in your possession and you’ll discover styling a large round coffee table is quite easy.