Idea of a corner desk

When John decided to build his family room in an underused area of ​​the ground floor of his house, his wife wanted them to have a fireplace to cope with the cold winter of the northern United States.

So, John decided to get to work and in his spare time, began remodeling. Three months later, even in the summer, he finished the job. The couple loved their family room. They only had one problem. He had left a small corner, with little use.

“What are we going to put in that corner, John?” His wife asked expectantly.

John looked thoughtful, watching and he just answered, “Woman, you will place one of your precious flowers from our garden.”

“Uhmm!” She exclaimed. After a short silence, continue saying, “Ah! I know. You need a space to write your novels. Why not design a corner desk to put it there?

“Great idea,” John said.

Build a corner desk

The next day, he had off at work, so very early, John decided to measure the area of ​​the corner where he would place his desk, and went out to visit Dave, an old carpenter friend.

“Good morning, Dave, how are you?” John greeted as he entered his friend’s carpentry.

“Good morning, my dear friend, what brings you here so early?” Said the carpenter.

“Do you remember, I was doing a remodel on the ground floor of my house? I already finished it, but I have a problem. I’m left with a little usable corner in which we want to place a corner desk, “John explained. To immediately detail information about the space and measurements he needed for his corner desk, while the experienced carpenter took notes and a few drawings on one paper sheet.

Dave will advise John about of materials that he could use and their prices. When they reached an agreement, they said goodbye with a handshake.

New corner desk

A week later, Dave arrived at John’s house with his order. The desk entered the space perfectly for him. When Dave finished his work, and left the house, John and his wife were quiet for a few seconds, just looking at his new desk.

At last, John said, “I love my new corner desk.”