How to style your marble top console table with your decor?

How to style your marble top console table with your decor?

A console table is the first thing which is visible on entering the house, and will be the first thing guests see. It provides a strong focal point, and hence needs to reflect the room décor, leave a good impression and reflect your taste in décor well. It should be stylish as well and functional, as it provides a great first impression.

 Marble top console table

A marble top console table is made of marble and can be of varied patterns and intriguing colors. The table design should be perfect and sturdy enough to carry the weight of the marble. Console tables due to its narrow size are often used in various other rooms for a functional purpose and saving space. Some interesting ideas of marble top console table designs are: Vintage with intricate carvings, simple metal table with strong base, a unique geometric shape, caged zig-zag pattern stand, statue supporting table top, etc. All these will add and interesting character to the room décor and make it a standout piece.

Functions of a console table:

Console tables can be used near the entry way for decorative purposes, as a television stand for LCD and LED televisions with a flat screen, a dresser or vanity table in the bedroom, an office table with ample chair space, as a bar table, in the kids bedroom etc. The main advantage of using a console table is its narrow structure which doesn’t take up a lot of space and incase of less space availability can make the room appear more spacious. On the entryway console table you can add photo frames containing family pictures, flower vases with fresh flowers, lamps, mirrors, statues, piece of art, your unique collections of stamps or spoons, key stand etc.

Where to buy the perfect console table?

You can buy a perfect looking marble top console table online which gives you plenty of options to choose from and doorstep delivery. Ensure the table in sturdy and carry the weight of the marble top. You can also find interesting console tables in vintage stores or furniture stores near you. It can also be a fun DIY project for the weekend and gives you the opportunity to make your favorite design and get the perfect look.