How to style your home with a blue console table?

How to style your home with a blue console table?

Console tables look vibrant, don’t consume a lot of space, and provide a great first impression to guests. A bright blue console table at the entryway of the house, or as a vanity room looks exquisite. Console table can add a vibrant and intriguing character to the room and can serve as a great decorative space. Use of photo frames, flowers, vases, statues, art pieces, mirrors, lampshades, etc are going to add a lot of interesting elements to the décor. Using blue console table in a well complementing way is necessary to prevent it from looking over the top. Here are some interesting ideas to style the blue console table well:

Rustic console table

A white or cream wall color with a rustic table with blue paint is going to add a vibrant element to your décor. Add a uniquely shaped mirror on the wall above the table in a bright color which will instantly lift up the décor and brighten up the contrasting white wall without needing much effort and interior decoration accessories. A flower vase on the table with some bright colored roses, peonies, lilies, or orchids would look extraordinary. It would be simple yet beautiful.

 Wooden tree table

Tree trunks can be used to make a beautiful and unique table console table. It can be an interesting DIY project which can be complete over the weekend. Spray paint it with blue and set it against a blue wallpaper to complete the look. This console table would look minimally phenomenal. A bright yellow wall and royal blue console table would also look exquisite and brighten up the room and is ideal for the kid’s bedroom. Yellow walls have known to have a positive impact on the brains of a developing child and promote creative thinking and would look like summer in the room.

Antique detailing

A blue console table with golden painted carvings and detailing would look exceptional in the living room. It can be used as a television stand or at the entryway and is guaranteed to make an impressive statement. If you are interesting in making it bold, you can add dull gold wallpaper in the room to mix the classic antique table look with the modern bold wall.