How to set up your home office desk?

How to set up your home office desk?

If you are one of those persons working from home, you should definitely set up a special area, dedicated to your activities. When your home space allows it, you should consider setting up a genuine home office desk. However, if you do not have enough space, you could work in a corner of a room, but this should be the last option for you.

Choose a neutral space for your desk

First of all, you should think about what room you will be assigning for your home office desk. The idea that you can work from whatever room you want, including the bedroom, as long as you have a laptop and an internet connection, is not the best thing. A chaotic space can make you less effective and focused on what you have to work on. For instance, having a TV in the same room in which you are working can definitely distract you and so you will end up spending more hours on tasks that can be carried out in less time. Therefore, you need a neutral space, which can help you focus and which can provide, in the same time, inspiration, energy and creativity.

Forget about strong colors

Try to get a calm and airless ambience. Choose neutral colors, such as white, beige or grey not only for the walls, but also for the furniture. If you feel the space is too dull, you can place colored photo frames, a colorful rug or a colorful desk light.

Speaking about light, you should keep in mind that you need as much natural light as you can get. If this is not possible, place several artificial light sources, so that there are no dark or  shady areas.

Functionality is the key

Functionality is one of the main features that any home office desk should have. You can have this not only with an adequate furniture, but also with a proper arrangement. Too much furniture or objects made of massive wood will only overcrowd the space and you definitely do not need this.