How to set an extra long console table and make it look good?

How to set an extra long console table and make it look good?

A console table is the first thing which is visible on entering the house, and will be the first thing guests see. It provides a strong focal point, and hence needs to reflect the room décor, leave a good impression and reflect your taste in décor well. It should be stylish as well and functional, as it provides a great first impression. An extra long console table can be used efficiently where more space is available, as it adds more functionality, storage space, and enhances the look. Here are a few ideas of styling that extra long console and not making it look bulky:

Glass table top:

A glass table top extra long console table top looks modern, simple and still exquisite. Due to the extra long length, a glass top helps make it look smaller and not bulky. It is ideal for use under the television or entryway, but cannot be used as a vanity table. Any item kept on a glass table top looks beautiful and any color scheme need not be followed. Most colored tables need complementing or blending colored accessories to be used which might be restrictive. But on a glass table any shape and any color can be used.

Sofa side

If you have a long sofa set, an extra long console table set at the backside would be a great setting. It helps cover the visible back side of the sofa or couch while still providing space for decorative items. The narrow width wouldn’t look bulky or take a lot of space. While hosting a party or dinner, items can be moved and the console table can be used to set down food and drinks. Ensure the color of the table goes well with the color of the sofa, and a dark wood table made of oak is a great option which might go with any décor setting

White console table

A simple white four stand extra long console table against a bright blue or maroon colored wall would look marvelous. The stark color blocking makes the console table stand out well and using a single long painting on the wall with flowers on the table will complete the look well.