How to remove ink from a table computer desk

How to remove ink from a table computer desk

There are chances that one’s computer could be spewing ink or a pen has just spilled ink on a table computer desk. It is important to make sure that the ink has been cleaned within the shortest time possible. The steps that one can use include the following:

Blot the spill

The first step is to quickly blot spilled ink with a piece of paper before it dries up. Blotting can be done with a piece of paper dipped in water or a towel. An individual should not rub ink before they blot it well. This process should be repeated until there is no ink which is being transferred to the piece of paper or towel being used to blot it.

Apply alcohol to the surface

The second step should entail applying alcohol on the area that has been affected by the spillage. Apart from alcohol an individual can use other solvents which will easily dissolve ink like a hairspray. There is no need of getting worried of which material one is applying alcohol to because there is no single material that will be negatively affected.

Use a piece of cotton to remove remaining ink stains

After applying alcohol to the surface the next thing a person should do is to use a piece of cloth, cotton or any other suitable material to remove remaining stains. Enough pressure should be used to ensure that all stains are gotten rid of.

In case an individual realizes that there are some stains still remaining on the table computer desk then more alcohol should be applied to ensure that all is well. Patience is important so that all activities are well accomplished. Those people who try to do things in a hurry might not be able to achieve desired results.

Test this method first

It is important to test this method before deciding to use it. For instance, when it comes to choosing a solvent one might be having several options at their disposal, they can try out one after the other on a small area until they find the most suitable solvent. Even though there is a recommendation of a wide range of solvents but their effectiveness is not the same. It is therefore important to go for the best solvent in this case.