How to Paint a Wrought Iron Coffee Table

How to Paint a Wrought Iron Coffee Table


Wrought iron coffee table, fences and other furniture are classically elegant for homes especially the living room. Due to exposure to certain weather wrought furniture become rusty hence the need to do the refinishing. It does not necessarily mean that your furniture should have rust to paint it but you can paint to have a new look and a contemporary style. This can give you room a new meaning

Steps to painting your coffee table

  1. Prepare for painting.

Painting is good during a dry warm day to facilitate the drying of the paint. Make sure that the table surface is dry too and you can paint the table in an open area there are surfaces that you don’t want painted cover it with cloths to prevent the spilling over of the paint in those areas.

  1. Remove the initial coating of the finish and rust

Use vinegar to clean the table if it has old paint or rust. You can scrub using a brush to make sure that the surface is clean and you can use bleach to remove any form of mold. The removal of old paint will ensure that the new paint coats adhere properly on the surface of the coffee table. Use dust masks to protect you from the dust while scrubbing.

  1. Apply Primer

Spray wrought iron primer for example the True Value X-O that inhibits the rusting. This primer is specifically meant for metals. You can use aerosol for smoother result but you apply two coats to get the best results.

  1. Apply the Paint

Use a paint brush to apply the True Value V-O spray and this will inhibit any rusting of the iron table. You can use spray painting too which is faster and gives an excellent and smooth finish. To get best results apply several coats at an interval of one hour after applying the first coat.


Use the True Value X-O spray to get the best results on your table. While doing the painting of the wrought iron coffee table, remember to protect your skin and other parts of your body to avoid any side effect, the color of the paint depends on your choice.