How to make your own rustic looking pub tables?

How to make your own rustic looking pub tables?

A pub table is a wooden table usually round in shape and having a single, strong legged base. They are brown in shape and accompany high stools to with them. Pub tables are usually kept simple, functional and have a very rustic appeal. Pub is a social drinking establishment and has an age old tradition of serving beer, cider and ale along with occasionally selling snacks, spirits or meals. Pubs have a very social environment, have televisions, music, games like pool, darts etc. A great DIY idea for pub tables would be using a barrel for the base of a table and a wooden round table top along with bar stools to go with the rustic look. Here are the steps on how to make this table over the weekend:

Things needed

The things needed to make this pub table would be:

  • A barrel
  • Round cut wooden table top
  • Wooden planks
  • Polish
  • Leather seats
  • Saw
  • Nails
  • DIY tools kit


Make a design and requirement plan to list out all the dimensions and design styles before starting the project. You can either buy a precut round table top, or cut it accurately yourself. Cut the wooden planks into required sizes for the bases and stools. Polish the wooden planks, pieces and barrels well and allow drying at least for an entire day. Leather seats can be bought and fitted on the assembled stools.  The barrel provides a strong and sturdy base for the pub table.


The final individual pieces and fit together and the table is completed with a handwritten bar menu to add to the rustic look. As beer, ale or cider is usually transported in barrels and has been for centuries. Hence the barrel goes well with the theme of alcohol served in pubs and all the barrels, readily available, would be put to good use. The décor of the pub will be uplifted with this full of character tables and add a vibrant life to the pub setting. It will be strong and sturdy and the complementing bar stools with leather seats will look adds a cowboy vibe.