How to make your own DIY Corner TV stand for 55 Inch TV?

How to make your own DIY Corner TV stand for 55 Inch TV?

A corner TV stand for 55 inch TV is a wonderful way to utilize corners and efficiently use space. The corners are usually neglected spaces in the living room and a corner TV stand would be perfect to do something different. The sofa setting can also be arranged much more efficiently this way. It will make the room appear spacious by avoiding to bulk up the main centre space. A small corner TV stand for 55 inch TV is the ideal way to go, and you can make it at home as DIY project over the weekend and end up saving money.

Things to be needed

The following things are a must have for this design, along with DIY tool kits containing basic necessities:

  • Wooden planks
  • Polish
  • Sand paper
  • Paint
  • Saw
  • 55 inch TV


Make a design plan for the particular designs and list out all the measurements required and the dimensions of each wooden component. The design is simple, two or three triangular planks or shelves are fit in with a wooden legged body in a triangular corner like shape. The base is wide and it gets narrower towards the top till the corner topmost point. You can as many shelves you need, just remember each shelf will be smaller in side. Cut the wooden planks into desired triangular shape and wooden legs blocks. Polish all the pieces and let dry for a day before assembling them together. The polish will save the rawness and natural patterns of the wood, just ensure to scrape of the rough edges with sandpaper before polishing.


Assemble the polished blocks into the design shape and in a triangular formation. Do a mock fit before finally putting all the pieces together. Make any dimension changes during the mock fit, and seal everything together after assembling well. The smallest shelf goes on top and the biggest at the base. Ensure ample of space is available for your 55inch TV. The final unique triangular corner TV stand for 55 inch TV will be a beauty to be admired in the living room and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.