How to make your own computer desk plan?

How to make your own computer desk plan?

Computer desk plans are drawn to help convey your designs and requirements well. It can either be used by a professional or can be a DIY task. A well drawn plan conveying all the needs and wants is absolutely necessary and vital when making a computer desk. If you use a triple screen workstation for gaming or programming purpose or a single screen, set the desk size accordingly and convey it in the computer desk plans to help the maker know what you require exactly. It can be simple with no drawers, shelves and only minimalistic table top, or it could be all out with a lot of storage space. The design should go well with your work of home décor where the table is supposed to be kept. The colors should blend with the wall and add an interesting character to the overall look. Few design ideas are:


An L shaped table in the corner of the room utilizes the corner space well and consist of a lot of drawers, shelves etc. Add interesting knobs to standout and make it look phenomenal. Make sure you have plenty of space for other computer accessories like the control unit, printers, fax machine, speakers etc. A neatly stacked computer table with no wires showing looks clean and beautiful.  Convey all the sizes, colors, and arrangement in the computer desk plans.

Shutter dome table:

A dome shaped table with a shutter looks very vintage and classic and also helps hide the cluttered computer area. After the work is complete the shutter can be pulled down and locked to store important documents and items and also hide the computer area. Made out of dark oak wood with intricate carvings would add to the vintage feel of the table.

Trunk shaped:

A trunk shaped, three compartment desks looks minimal and adds a vibrant touch to the décor. Whether the trunk shape is similar to a vintage Louis Vuitton suitcase or not, it will definitely add character to your room. The compartments can be used to store essentials and computer accessories. If you are a fashionista, blogger, fashion designer, actress etc, this would look very beautiful in the office or at home, and convey your interests very well.  Add a small vintage lamp to go with the vintage look and bright flowers to complete the look.