How to Make Your Coffee Side Tables Stand Out

How to Make Your Coffee Side Tables Stand Out

A book you haven’t read for a long time? Huge mess from last night’s cravings? Dull colours? A big no-no.

Shove off that dirty mess—those unused things that are heavily covered with dust because of staying immobile for a long time, stinky clutter and useless memoirs from your ex sitting right there on your tables. It’s time to step up your furniture game and learn how to style your plain and unnoticed coffee side tables with these ideas.


Can’t stop thinking of the beach? Maybe you love the sea! If so, it’s better to choose something that is closely-related to the sea—a net mat perhaps? Some shells and pebbles in a vase with an invigorating plant is also a go-to with this one. Just bear in mind that no matter what motif you choose, you should be able to coordinate it with the other decorations you are going to place on it. Gather objet d’art, books, and other accessories that would get your motif going.


Nothing is more refreshing than a look permeating with natural components and thankfully, it is the trend for this year. Choose decorations that are made of wood, bamboo skins and the likes (e.g. baskets, bowls). They shout ‘natural’ more than anything else. Some greens would also help.


Bowls, baskets and deep trays are great containers that can efficiently be of great use every time. You can put your bills, keys and remotes in it but you can also put bright fruits that can bring colour to your containers. As said above, it is better to choose containers that have a revitalizing natural vibe.


Your ex’s old letters won’t mind being replaced, right? If so, go out there, create new memories and put them on your coffee table. That way, you’ll see inspiring things that will jumpstart you every day. Photos are best framed so they can last longer. Debut and adventure souvenirs are best sheltered with transparent plastic so it can be protected from dust.


How boring would your coffee side tables appear if it’s flat-looking? That’s the reason why you need to choose decorations that vary in height. You can have a tall vase while you have a short container or vice versa. This way your table would be much more appealing and noticeable to everyone who gets to visit your house.