How to make perfect, error free TV stand plans?

How to make perfect, error free TV stand plans?

TV stands are a primary focus in a living room and need to be wonderful and a reflection of your character and personal taste. The perfect TV stand can do wonders for the living room décor and make it stand out well. A TV stand along with carrying or supporting the television will also have various gaming consoles, accessories, DVD/Blu-ray players etc. If you are planning to make your own DIY TV stands for your living room, drawing up a TV stand plan is vital.

TV stand plan

A TV stand plan is a hand drawn or computer drawn design plan which contains various vital details which should be listed well before starting the DIY project. A good TV stand plan consists of the following details:

  • Design: top view, front view, side view etc.
  • Overall dimensions
  • Number of components consisting of the structure
  • Dimensions of each component
  • Required accessories
  • Size of accessories
  • Colors of components

Advantages of a TV stand plan

TV stand plans are very important before beginning construction, and contain vital details. It allows you to follow a set plan, plan the design before starting, and have all the required things handy. It avoids and unforeseeable conflicts or problems. You won’t deviate from intended design and the dimension of every component is bound to be right. It avoids last moment confusions and helps in making the perfect design. All the required products would be present, and nothing forgotten, due to a list of all the items is made beforehand. A TV stand plan proves as right guide while making a TV stand.

TV stand design plans

If a corner TV stand is what you need, a great idea of a TV stand would be two long shelves, one cabinet for hiding all the wires from vicinity, and decorative X’s on the sides is a great idea for a TV stand. You can use a dark hardwood for the stand for a rustic, contemporary, and intriguing charm. The TV stand plan would contain the design drawing, from to, front and side view. The dimensions of each shelf plank, legs, cabinet structure, and the decorative X’s should be listed.