How to make a tall console table at home yourself?

How to make a tall console table at home yourself?

Console tables are narrow and tall tables usually set up at the entryway of a house, or used as a television stands, vanity tables etc. The console tables can be traditional, contemporary, modern, vintage antique, etc as per your choice and décor of the home. A great table at the entry way can reflect and enhance the look of the entire room décor. It is vital for the table to have a great polished look, be extravagant but not over the top.  The table can be decorated well using statues, art pieces, photo frames, unique mirrors, lamps, flower vases etc. Here are the steps to follow when making your own tall console table yourself:

Requirements gathering

Make a list of all the things needed to construct a tall console table at home and gather all of them. Draw the design of the table and list out all the measurements of table size. Ensure the size doesn’t exceed the amount of space available. Calculate the size of the wooden planks needed to make the tall console table and source it from the market. All the paints, screws, saws, cutters, brushes etc, should be available before starting the work.


Cut out the wooden planks into the desired and required sizes. The table top can be wooden too along with the four legged base. Drill the holes onto the sides of all the cut out pieces at the right gaps and places. You can either paint the table in a particular desired color or polish the planks for a raw, rustic and natural look. Allow the paint or polish to dry thoroughly preferably for an entire day to avoid and stains or marks.

Assembling and finishing

After the plank have been dried thoroughly, assemble all the pieces in their particular locations and fix them well. Ensure the table is sturdy and wont’ give away easily. Finish of the table with a top coat later to seal all the color in and prevent any stains or marks in the future. Add statues, flowers, photo frames, mirrors, lamps, art pieces, or paintings etc to complete the look.