How to incorporate interesting kitchen table and chairs in your kitchen décor?

How to incorporate interesting kitchen table and chairs in your kitchen décor?

Kitchen tables and chairs are functional pieces of furniture and used for breakfast and other meals. It is used on a daily basis by the family and is usually smaller in size than a dining table and has chairs matching the number of family members. Dining tables are used when hosting dinners and parties. For a well furnished interior look it is important to have furniture which complements the décor. A kitchen table and chairs should complement the décor and still grab attention and be the primary focus. Here are some interesting ideas for unique and attention grabbing kitchen tables:

White table with multicolored chairs:

A white round or oval table with chairs of different colors will be the right pop of character to up to your kitchen décor. The chairs can be of bright rainbow colors or soft pastels depending on your choice of boldness. The chair colors will add a vibrant and cheerful vibe to the entire table setting without being too over the top.

Rustic blue table with white chairs

A rustic self painted blue table and white wooden chairs will add an old era, vintage vibe to the kitchen area. The self painted wooden table gives a very raw and artsy look to the kitchen table and chairs. The white chairs soften the rawness of the table and give a smooth transition of colors. A round pendant light over the top and a vase of flowers will complete the look and look right out of the home décor magazine. This would go very well with soft colored walls and simple kitchen décor, to help focus the attention to the table.

Chess set table

A rectangular chess set table top table with a drawer to keep all the chess accessories is perfect for the intelligent, geeky game buffs. The game can be enjoyed over a cup of coffee or some red wine and the table can have multi uses. It is perfect for families or couples to enjoy the meal or coffee on. A wooden tall table with chess board set and glass top will look perfect. Same wood chairs would look perfect with and complement the kitchen table well.