How to find the perfect corner table for your home?

How to find the perfect corner table for your home?

A corner table is a triangular ended, three legged table usually used for flower installations, lamps or other interior decorative purposes. It can be set in corners of the bedroom, living room kitchen etc for various purposes. It can also be used as a nightstand near your bed and used to store wallets, books, watches, everyday use items etc. In the living room, it can carry a huge installation of flowers, sculptures, music systems, plants etc. Interesting corner tables can do wonders for the décor and add a unique character and life to the room. Here are a few design ideas of unique corner tables to add to your rooms:

Rustic dark wood corner table

A dark wood, full enclosed, intricately carved corner table looks wonderful at the entrance corridor or in the living room corner. A vase with fresh flowers looks gorgeous on this rustic looking corner table. A single shiny box or accessory would look exquisite as well. The carvings look the best on dark wood tables as it gives an ancient, vintage vibe. Drawers or cabinets would be a perfect way for storing items and letting the table and its intricacy be the focus of the décor.

Tall corner table

A soft brown, tall, three legged table gives a minimal, simple and elegant look in the living room or bedroom. A few scented candles, flowers, small antiques, plants, telephones, or computer etc would be perfect to go on top of the table. Due to the three legged structure, there would be enough space to set a chair and help the table to be used as a study or computer table.

Transparent acrylic

A transparent acrylic corner table would look chic and classy and also help saving space. It helps the room looking spacious and the table to look minimal and not bulky. This table with vase of bright red roses or violet orchids would look exquisite. At one look it might even look the vase of flowers, sculptures or antique items are floating on the corner due to the transparent table.