How to enhance your décor with console table designs?

How to enhance your décor with console table designs?

Console tables are narrow and tall tables usually set up at the entryway of a house, or used as a television stands, vanity tables etc. The console tables can be traditional, contemporary, modern, vintage antique, etc as per your choice and décor of the home. A great table at the entry way can reflect and enhance the look of the entire room décor. It is vital for the table to have a great polished look, be extravagant but not over the top.  The table can be decorated well using statues, art pieces, photo frames, unique mirrors, lamps, flower vases etc. Here are some intriguing console table designs:


A beautifully carved light colored console table design against a bold wall color or wallpaper would look exquisite. If the entire room is set with a classic, vintage décor this console table design would go perfectly with the entire room and blend well. The carvings add an age old, royal and extravagant look to room. Decorate it with white photo frames, colorful flower case, or interesting mirrors.


Contemporary console table designs are very simple in style, and are not over the top. They blend in with room and are very modern in appearance. Although simple in appearance they add a great, interesting look to the entire décor. It can be set against faux bricked walls, interesting printed wallpaper, textured walls etc. Simple table designs go well with bold walls and look extraordinary.

Geometrical or artsy shaped

A geometrical shaped console table design would add so much character and live to a dull wall. It becomes a standout piece of furniture which would be the centre of attention and focus point at the entryway. Interesting geometric shapes and patterns add depth, to the room décor instantly lifting up the room atmosphere and making it more vibrant. This can be in metal or wood, however metal gives more molding freedom and can make interesting patterns. It can be combined with bold walls, soft toned walls, and wallpapered patterns etc. as it gives a lot of experimental freedom and choice.