How to Clean Your Black Glass Coffee Table

How to Clean Your Black Glass Coffee Table

Have you recently purchased a shiny and sleek looking Black Glass Coffee Table and you intend to maintain its sparkle? or Have you noticed those haters of beauty, those annoying patches of haze, streaks of dirt and scratches that mar the sophisticated look your table once had which you are determined to get rid of? These steps will put you through on how to maintain that sparkle and keep your room as dignified as it should.

Clear the Surface of Your Table

This is always the first step to cleaning your table. It makes the cleaning process easier and the next couple of steps easier to follow. It won’t be wise to have stuff on your table as you clean; a sloppy result will follow.

Wipe the Tabletop with a Soft Dry Polyester Fabric

This helps get rid of dust particles and spills. Save the sticky spills for the next step.

Wet the Surface with a Suitable Solvent

Distilled water or Vinegar is usually used here as other solvents may not be very friendly with the glass. Water dissolves the sticky spills and makes it easy to wipe it off. Distilled hot water works best because it leaves no streaks afterwards. It may not make any difference if you don’t use distilled water on any other material but on glass, it makes all the difference.

With a Fresh Polyester Fabric, Wipe the Tabletop

Wipe your tabletop while the water is still hot if hot water was what you used in the previous step.

Try using other chemical Solvents

If after the preceding steps, stubborn stains persist, you should try Vinegar or a mixture of Vinegar and Water. Sometimes alcohol and methylated spirit can be used. After use, wipe the tabletop again. A repeat of the third and fourth steps might be necessary

Newspaper Finish

To finish the job, wipe the tabletop with a crumpled up piece of newspaper to rid the glass top of lint and floss.

It is advisable to clean your Black Glass Coffee Table at least twice in week so as to maintain  its sparkle. Try not to neglect that sheen of glossy black glass table.