How to build a White Round Kitchen Table Set?

How to build a White Round Kitchen Table Set?

A kitchen table is the central focus and stands out amongst the rest of the décor. Being the primary focus, a kitchen table needs to be exquisite, interesting and bright. Choosing the right kitchen table set is very essential. With the great number of options available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. The table should blend in with the décor, be perfect in size, be unique but not over the top.  A round table can save up a lot of space and the guests or family will be cozy and close to each other. A white round kitchen table set is perfect for most kitchen areas as it saves space, doesn’t look bulky, blends in well and the color white goes well with any décor and can be experimented well.  Building your own white round kitchen table set can be a fun and interesting weekend DIY project.


Make a list of all materials that will be needed and make sure to arrange them before starting work on the table. You would need wooden planks, saw, paints, paint brushes, fixtures, nails, hammer, top coat etc. All basic DIY furniture tools are also recommended. Ensure all safety precautions are also available and use gloves wherever necessary to protect your hands from being stained.


Take all the measurements of the area where the kitchen table will be set. The number of chairs required and to be made will also decide the table size and shape. If the space available is limited and more number of chairs a required, a round table will be preferable and it fits a lot of chairs compared to other shapes.


Cut the wooden planks into desired sizes for chairs and table set. A rectangular table shape is easier as most wood planks have that size. If you are making a round table, you can get it pre cut by professionals. Now spray or brush paint the white round kitchen table set, and let it dry for over a day. Finish off all the corners and apply a top coat to seal the color in and prevent staining. After all the pieces are dried attach them together and make unique chair patterns or various designs depending on your choice. Add a pendant light with this as it makes the white kitchen table look warm and phenomenal.