How to avoid scratches on your glass coffee table

How to avoid scratches on your glass coffee table


Glass coffee tables are classy tables but if not taken good care if they can have scratches. You need to make your table to look as new as possible every day. This means that you have to use it with a lot of care so that you can avoid the scratches that might make you table look old. Glasstables with scratches are not pleasant at all. Thescratches on your table may as a result of sliding cups or plates on the table.

How to avoid the scratches on the table surface

  1. Table runners. This is a fabric that runs in the middle of the table. It serves a decorative purpose but at the same time you can place the serving ware on it and this will prevent the scratches that might develop in the process of sliding the bowls and plates on thetable.
  2. Maintenance. Doregular maintenance like cleaning the table regularly which makes it look new. This will help avoid the debris that would scratch the table if rubbed on the surface of the table.
  3. Placemats. When purchasing your table buy placemats along with it. You will use the placemats to place the glasses and the plates and this will make your table look new as this will protect it from getting scratched if you slide the plates and the glasses on the table.
  4. Tivets. It is of great importance avoiding placing too hot things from in contact with the glass table. A piece of wood or metal known as tivet will help you overcome that. You place them where you set the hot plates and they help in taking the heat from reaching the glass table.


Buying a glass coffee table should not scare you away. In mind you know that it can get scratches at some point and getting to know what can cause the scratches is the best thing that can happen to you. From there take good control of the causes and exercise maintenance on your table and this will leave a smile on your face. Glass tables require good maintenance and great caution while handling them.