How to avoid light reflection on your 32inch TV Stand

How to avoid light reflection on your 32inch TV Stand

We all enjoy watching movie marathons or a whole TV series but then there comes a road bump called light reflection. Not everyone is fan of watching TV in dark. Even with matte – screen LCD TV picture quality is diminished as light keeps bouncing off the screen. Here’s your guide with some not –so – obvious and some obvious hacks that you may use –

Easiest solution –

Well the reason people like their lights on while watching television are effect of dark like eye fatigue. People even experience sore eyes after watching TV in dark for a while. It might go unnoticed but having lights on while watching TV has more relaxing viewing environment.

  • If it’s okay with you turn off the lights to avoid reflection of light on 32inch TV placed on any height TV Stand.
  • If you have an LCD, then backlight control can come to your rescue. Backlight control options are present in mostly all LCDs. By default, these are been set to maximum or near it, which makes TV very bright. For more relaxing images turn these down at night. This won’t interfere with your contrast ratio.

Use of larger television

our iris become wide open when we watch TV in dark room thus causing eye fatigue. Small TV screen emit light much brighter than the adjacent area. This can be understand by just imagining someone flashing your eye with a shining flashlight.  Use of larger television will spread the light to greater area thus less straining on eyes.

Moving stuff –

Illuminating the area behind TV can easy out the total light coming to you. It will also allow to reduce the reflections of the other lights in the room. In techie world this is known as bias light. Use of light which is as much as possible be color neutral near the 32inch TV Stand.

Sun debacle – as much as you hate reflections you cannot win fight with sun. In such cases go for either shifting your TV or use sun shades. Many types of blackout curtains are available in market. Use of this while make room dimer and enjoy the experience of TV